The National Social Security Office warns against fake requests for payment

Author: Author: Peggy Criel

The National Social Security Office has published a message on its website warning against forged letters making the rounds requesting employers to transfer money to an account that does not belong to the National Social Security Office. Measures were taken in a timely manner: as far as we know, no payments have yet been made to the account.

In recent days, several employers have received a forged letter requesting them to settle outstanding contributions from 2014. The amounts requested are in the thousands of Euros. Although the letter strongly resembles a real NSSO letter, the account number to which the payments are to be made does not belong to the National Social Security Office. This is a case of fraud, comparable to the situations recently faced by other Federal Public Services (e.g. FPS Finances).

Account blocked

The National Social Security Office immediately filed a complaint with the Brussels Public Prosecutor's Office. The latter has launched an investigation into the matter. No amounts had yet been transferred to the account, which has since been blocked.

Recognizing the forged document

The forged document has the following characteristics:

  • It is dated 19/10/2015;
  • It concerns the settlement of outstanding contributions from 2014;
  • The account number given is: BE 46 0635 8987 6536, with the BIC code GKCCBEBB;
  • The envelope (with NSSO logo) has a stamp, which is not common for NSSO letters.

Employers who are unsure whether a request for payment is authentic can contact either their approved Employer's Payroll and HR services bureau, or the person who is responsible for social security administration.



Author: Peggy Criel