The municipality of ‘Genk’ recognized as a tourist centre

Author: Laurence Philippe

The municipality of Genk is now recognized as a tourist centre. This recognition has an impact on the employment of workers on Sunday. In principle it is forbidden to work on Sundays. However, under certain conditions it is allowed in tourist centres.

Since the recent change to legislation, retailers and hairdressing salons located in tourist centres can employ employees every Sunday on a rotating basis. Each employee may be employed individually for a maximum of 39 Sundays per calendar year.

The tourist centre must be 'officially' recognized by the FPS Employment, Labour and Social Dialogue on the basis of a file and supporting documents proving the recreational nature of the location. The recognition is granted for an indefinite period.

This is the case for the municipality of Genk, which has developed its tourist activity with the former mining site C-mine and the water cycle path in Bokrijk. Time Magazine included ‘Cycling through water‘ on the list of 100 places it says as the world's greatest places to visit.⠀

Source: Ministerial decree of 15 March 2019 recognising the municipality of Genk as a tourist centre in implementation of the Royal Decree of 9 May 2007 on the employment on a Sunday in retail stores and hairdressing salons located in seaside resorts, climatic health resorts and tourist centres, Belgian Official Gazette of 27 March 2019.