JC 336 (for the liberal professions): negotiations have started

Author: Leen Lafourt

At the end of February, the Group of Ten reached a draft remuneration agreement. This draft was not approved by the entire Group of Ten, the FGTB voted against.

As a result, the government adopted the provisions relating to the wage standard. The other items (a.o. time credit, home-to-work travel, RCC/SWT, ...), with the exception of the increase in the minimum wages, were implemented via separate CLAs signed in the National Labour Council.

Sector negotiations

The provisions of the IPA form the framework for the negotiations of the agreements at sector level. Every 2 years, the social partners (employee and employer representatives) of each joint committee conclude their sector agreement. These agreements are currently being negotiated and some joint committees have already concluded their agreement. An overview per sector can be found here.

JC 336

Also in JC 336 for the liberal professions, negotiations about the sector agreement have started.

These negotiations will have an impact on the wages of your employees, but also on other issues (trade union delegation, training and education, time credit and wind-down time job, RCC/SWT and mobility).


The employee representatives have presented their demands, which will now form the basis for the negotiations within the joint committee.

What can you expect, among other things?

  • Increase of the minimum and effectively paid wages;
  • Introduction of an index mechanism;
  • Conclusion of a CLA job classification and introduction of a minimum scale;
  • Elaboration of a procedure for the creation, powers and status of the trade union delegation;
  • Development of a path with a view to 5 training days/year;
  • Maximum entitlement to time credit, wind-down time jobs and Flemish incentives;
  • Maximum sector accession to RCC/SWT;
  • Mobility: CLA with regard to the contribution to home-to-work travel and the granting of a bicycle allowance; ...


As soon as we have more information about the advancement of the negotiations or when a final agreement has been reached, we will inform you immediately.


Source: Demands negotiations 2019-2020 JC 336