German-speaking Community: work cards still issued?

Author: Anne Ghysels

The reductions in the employers' contributions under the Activa Plan and for Young Employees are measures that have been abolished in the German-speaking Community since 1 January 2019.

As of the same date, the ONEm/RVA (National Employment Office) no longer issues work cards for employment in the German-speaking Community.

However, an employee working on the territory of this Community may still be issued a work card by the ONEm/RVA if he was hired before 1 January 2019. His employer will therefore be able to benefit from the application of the transitional measures introduced as part of the abolition of these measures (see our Infoflash of 30/01/2019).

In principle, the work card must be applied for within 30 days of the date of employment. If the work card is applied for after this period - it is therefore a late application - this results in the loss of benefits for the period between the date of employment and the last day of the quarter in which the late application for a work permit is made.

The ONEm/RVA will issue these work cards until 30 June 2019.


Source: Administrative guidelines NSSO  - intermediate guidelines 2019/1