False hybrids: publication of corresponding vehicles

Author: Peggy Criel (Legal Expert)

On its website, the FPS Finance published the list of 'false' hybrid cars and their corresponding vehicles. So you can now check whether your 'false' hybrid cars have corresponding vehicles.

What will change for the 'false' hybrid cars in 2020?

Since 1 January 2020, the CO2 emissions to be taken into account for the calculation of the taxable benefit of a 'false' hybrid company car purchased, leased or rented from 1 January 2018, are equal to the CO2 emissions of the corresponding car equipped with an engine using only the same fuel (the non-hybrid version of the vehicle).

If there is no corresponding vehicle, the emission rate of the “false” hybrid company car is multiplied by 2.5.

For more details on the concept of 'false' hybrid company car and the change in the calculation of the taxable benefit, we refer to our Infoflash of 17 July 2019.  

List of corresponding vehicles

When a 'false' hybrid car is placed on the market, car manufacturers or car importers are obliged to determine whether a corresponding vehicle exists and must communicate this information to the FPS Finance.

For 'false' hybrid vehicles put on the market before 1 January 2020, car manufacturers or importers must provide the FPS Finance with information on the corresponding vehicles by 20 April 2020 at the latest. 

In the meantime, the FPS Finance has published the list of the "false" hybrid cars and their corresponding vehicles. Mind that this list can still be completed. 

What must you do?

If you place 'false' hybrid company cars at the disposal of employees or company managers, then check the list to see if there is a corresponding vehicle and if so, what its CO2 emissions are.

Customer of Partena Professional? In that case you will be contacted to provide your Payroll Consultant with the required information about the 'false' hybrids in your fleet and the corresponding vehicles. If necessary, please provide an update.

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