Coronavirus Walloon Region: additional allowance for sectors closed (again) or still affected

Author: Anne Ghysels (Legal Expert)

The Walloon Region grants an additional allowance to closed sectors whose closure has been extended until 26 April 2021 as well as to sectors that have reopened but had to close again from 27 March to 26 April 2021 following the Consultative Committee of 24 March 2021.

This allowance can be applied for online at from 12 May to 11 June 2021.

Do you qualify for the allowance?

You must meet the following conditions:

  • Have an establishment unit in the Walloon Region before 27 March 2021;
  • Be a very small, small or medium-sized enterprise or a natural person carrying out a professional activity as a main or secondary activity and who, taking into account his professional income, pays social security contributions;
  • Undertake not to pay a dividend in the year 2021;
  • Carry out an activity falling under one of the following NACE codes:

Description of the activity

NACE code

Group 1: closed sectors whose closure has been extended

Other retail sale not in stores, stalls or markets


Motion picture projection activities


Organisation of conventions and trade shows


Sports and recreation education


Cultural education


Promotion and organization of performing arts events


Operation of theatres, concert halls and the like


Operation of cultural centres and multifunctional cultural halls


Operation of historical sites and buildings and similar visitor attractions


Botanical and zoological gardens


Gambling and betting activities


Operation of sports facilities


Activities of sports clubs

93.121 to 93.129

Fitness facilities


Other sports activities


Fairground activities


Operation of amusement and theme parks


Operation of snooker and billiard halls


Operation of recreational areas


Other amusement and recreation activities


Group 2: sectors that have reopened but had to close again

Retail sale of cars and light motor vehicles (≤ 3,5 tons)


Retail sale of other motor vehicles (> 3.5 tons)


Trade in trailers, semi-trailers and caravans


Washing of motor vehicles


Retail trade of motor vehicle parts and accessories


Retail trade, maintenance and repair of motorcycles and related parts and accessories


Retail trade

47 except 47.111 to 47.115; 47.20, 47.300, 47.511, 47.513, 47.521 to 47.526, 47.529, 47.610, 47.620, 47.730 to 47.760, 47.781, 47.784, 47.810, 47.910, 47.990

Hair care


Beauty care


Physical well-being activities


Tattooing and piercing services


What is the amount of the allowance?

The amount of the allowance depends on your workforce.

The workforce is the average number of employees in 2019 employed under an employment contract in all the places of business of your company, corresponding to the number of work units (AWU), calculated on the basis of your DmfA declarations of the 4 quarters of 2019.

If your company was set up in 2020, the workforce is calculated on the average number of employees in 2020.


Amount of the allowance

Group 1 employers


€ 4,000

˃ 0 to 4

€ 6,500

5 to 9

€ 9,500

10 and +

€ 12,000

Group 2 employers


€ 3,250

˃ 0 to 4

€ 5,500

5 to 9

€ 7,500

10 and +

€ 9,750

This allowance is granted only once per company registered in the CBE.

How to apply?

You must apply for this allowance at ('indemnité 16').

The form is available from 12 May to 11 June 2021.

Source: Decree of the Walloon Government of 22 April 2021 on the granting of an additional allowance in favour of establishments closed by decision in the context of the crisis linked to the COVID-19 coronavirus, Belgian Official Gazette of 30.04.2021

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