Coronavirus: cultural activities grant

Author: Jonas Verplanken (Legal Expert)

Due to the coronacrisis, cultural life has been at a standstill for quite some time, and still is today. The Flemish Government now intends to stimulate public activities in the Flemish cultural sector for the period from 1 September 2020 to 31 May 2021. It therefore introduces the cultural activities grant, which can be used to organise or carry out a public cultural activity or to make infrastructure available for this purpose.

To do so, the Flemish Government approves the decree regulating the cultural activities grant under the emergency fund. This is a flat-rate subsidy which, depending on the costs actually incurred for the cultural activity, may amount to €2,000 or a multiple thereof, but always subject to a maximum of €20,000.       

For whom?

The following target groups are eligible to apply for a cultural activities grant under the emergency fund:

  • structurally subsidised organisations;
  • circus organisations;
  • vulnerable key players.

Structurally subsidised organisation: an organisation that is not in a state of dissolution, liquidation or bankruptcy and that receives a multi-annual subsidy in 2020 to support its operation in the policy area ‘culture’.

Vulnerable key player: legal entities or one-man businesses that meet the following conditions:

(a) they have an active place of business in the Dutch-speaking region or in the bilingual region of Brussels-Capital in accordance with the CBE;

(b) they are professionally involved in the cultural life of the Flemish Community in the policy area ‘culture’ and they are active in the NACEBEL codes 2008, indicated in the annex to this decree (NACE codes);

(c) they are not in a state of dissolution, liquidation or bankruptcy.


The cultural activities grant is awarded to organise or carry out a cultural activity, or to provide infrastructure for a cultural activity. The grant must cover the costs incurred.

In order to qualify for the grant, your cultural activity must meet the following conditions:

  • The activity will take place between 1 September 2020 and 31 May 2021 in the Dutch-speaking region or in the bilingual region of Brussels-Capital. The activity is delineated in time and space and is publicly communicated;
  • The activity is publicly accessible;
  • Because of its public focus, the activity has been impacted by the coronavirus measures taken by the National Security Council in order to limit the spread of the coronavirus;
  • The activity is organised in a safe manner in accordance with the applicable sector protocols;
  • For the activity, you employ at least two culture workers either within one of these joint committees (JC 200, JC 227, JC 304, JC 329, JC 303) or through a services contract for self-employed persons;
  • The culture workers are remunerated correctly and fairly. The remuneration respects at least the various collective labour agreements of the specific joint committees. Self-employed culture workers also receive fair compensation.


The cultural activities grant amounts to € 2,000 or a multiple thereof, subject to a maximum of € 20,000.

Only one cultural activities grant may be awarded per cultural activity. The same applicant may receive an activities grant for several cultural activities. The total amount of the activities grants per applicant is limited to € 20,000.

How to apply?

The cultural activities grants will be awarded in order of receipt of the applications, within the limits of the available budget appropriations. The competent public service will provide a web application for this purpose.

Applicants may submit an application until the available budget appropriations have been used up, and at the latest up to and including 31 May 2021.

Important note!

The provisions as described in this Infoflash have not yet been published in the Belgian Official Gazette.





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