Corona virus and hospitality industry: catering & deliveries

Author: Laurence Philippe (Legal Expert)

From 13 March at midnight up to and including 3 April, all hospitality industry establishments (except hotels) must close their doors. However, an exception is made for catering services. Customers can pick up their meals at a restaurant. However, it is forbidden to eat on site and the dining areas must be closed. Deliveries are also allowed. Meals can therefore be delivered to the customers.

Registration at the FASFC

The FASFC (Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain) specifies that restaurants do not have to register a new activity in order to set up a catering service or deliveries due to the closure period. During the lockdown period, the existing authorization for the restaurant activity serves as an authorization for the catering activities.

Hygiene rules

Because of the epidemic, restaurants must allow the hygiene rules laid down to be applied. They must therefore avoid contact between customers and prevent queues where the distance between customers is not respected.

Of course kitchen hygiene rules still apply. In the hospitality industry and elsewhere, those who are ill are not allowed to work. 


In order to ensure that meals are delivered in good hygienic conditions and to respect the temperature chain, restaurant owners must inform themselves about the conditions applicable to deliveries (temperatures, containers, etc.). If you are setting up a catering service and/or deliveries, please consult the website of the FASFC.

Temporary unemployment

According to the latest notice from the National Employment Office, businesses that can still offer limited services may also apply for temporary unemployment due to force majeure. This temporary unemployment due to force majeure may be applied for for all days when the employees cannot be employed, even if this is due to a decrease in the volume of work.


Source: Press release of the FASFC, 16/03/2020.

Notice of the NEO, 15/03/2020.


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