Career saving henceforth possible within JC 200

Author: Joséphine Mairate

Career saving has been made possible for the largest joint committee in Belgium: employers of JC 200 can now set up a career saving plan in their company. But that’s not all: JCs 116, 117, 207 and 211 can now introduce a career saving plan too.


The career saving system, which was introduced by the Act of 5 March 2017 on feasible and manageable work, allows private sector employees to save up time. This enables the employee to take control of his career and to take breaks when he deems it necessary. We would like to remind you that the system of career saving is based on the principle of freedom of choice, in the sense that under no circumstances the employee can be forced to participate in the system of career saving.

A company wishing to introduce a career saving plan must first submit it to the chairman of the joint committee, who has six months to conclude a collective agreement to develop a career saving plan. In the absence of a collective agreement in the sector concluded within 6 months from the date of referral to the President of the joint committee, the companies may conclude a collective bargaining and introduce their own career saving system. This collective bargaining agreement must among other things specify which days the employee may save up, the period within which the employee may take up these days and the guarantees offered to the employee.

If you come under JC 200, 116, 117, 207 and 211, you can now close a collective bargaining agreement in the company since these joint committees have been notified and the six-month period has expired without a collective agreement in the sector having been concluded.

If you do not belong to one of the above sectors and wish to introduce career saving, please contact the chairman of your joint committee, who has 6 months to conclude a collective agreement in the sector.

If you want to introduce a career saving plan, our Legal Partners’ consultants can also help you and advise you in the best possible way.