Announced flash controls in the security sector (January 2022)

Author: Leen Lafourt (Legal Expert)

During the month of January 2022, the social inspection services will carry out national flash controls in the security sector (JC 317).

A flash control is an announced control that is mainly informative and preventive in nature. This does not mean, however, that the inspection services will not make a report when a serious offence has been committed.

See our tips below on how to best prepare for these announced controls.

Who is being targeted?

Violators of social regulations and unreported work are the target of this action.

The controls are part of the ‘action plan 2022 of the fight against social fraud’.

Also keep in mind that the social inspectors will still pay attention to compliance with the COVID-19 measures during the flash controls. The SIRS/SIOD has developed a specific COVID-19 checklist drawn up for this purpose.

How to prepare?

In a question to an expert, we explain the employer's rights and obligations in the event of a social inspection.

Partena Professional's sector information

Partena Professional's sector information allows you to familiarise yourself with the sector provisions specific to your joint committee.

Legal support

Our Legal Partners are following up on the constantly evolving legislation. In the context of our 'Legal Privileged Partners (LPP)' service, our team can examine your social documents and ensure compliance with social legislation.

As part of the exercise, if desired, a report with a risk analysis can be made and we can give you the required recommendations. With this service, you will no longer fear a visit by a social inspector.

Flash control results

You can visit the website of the SIOD to consult the results of last year's flash controls. 

What happens next?

This flash action should not make us forget that social legislation must be observed all year round. Unexpected controls are there to increase awareness, particularly in the cleaning sector, which is a key target in the fight against social fraud.

Other sectors

After the flash controls in the security sector that take place this month, the following announced flash controls will be organised in 2022:

  • Transport sector (including courier companies): February 2022;
  • Construction sector: May 2022;
  • Hospitality sector: July 2022;
  • Agricultural and horticultural sector: September 2022;
  • Carwash - major cities: November 2022.


Source: Website SIRS/SIOD.


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