Gradual reopening of our Enterprise Counters from 18/05/2020

Would you like to make an appointment with one of our Enterprise Counter employees? This is now possible in the following offices:




Brussel centrum Kartuizersstraat 45, 
1000 Brussel


Luik Square des Conduites d'Eau 13-14,
4020 Luik
Bergen Boulevard Sainctelette 77,
7000 Bergen
Charleroi Boulevard Joseph Tirou 130, 
6000 Charleroi
Eigenbrakel Avenue Victor Hugo 54 Boîte B, 
1420 Eigenbrakel


Hasselt Herkenrodesingel 6 A,
3500 Hasselt
Antwerpen Uitbreidingstraat 180,
2600 Antwerpen
Halle Meiboom 24,
1500 Halle
Gent Zuiderpoort Office Park Gaston Crommenlaan 4 Bus 1,
9050 Gent (Ledeberg) 
Aalst Watermolenstraat 18,
9320 Aalst

In order to welcome you in the best conditions, we have taken all the necessary safety measures to ensure social distancing and hygiene measures are complied with.

Would you like to make an appointment?

Contact us on 078/78.78.33

To ensure your safety and that of our employees, we ask that you respect the guidelines that apply when you visit our agencies:

  • Wearing a mask is mandatory for everyone. Please bring your personal mask.
  • Respecting meeting time is very important. Make sure you respect this schedule.
  • Meetings are limited to only one person.
  • Payments are only made by bank card.
  • Prepare and complete your documents as needed.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding.

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