FAQ Coronavirus for employers

The National Employment Office (ONEm/RVA) provides answers to the various practical questions about temporary unemployment in a FAQ.

Please refer to the website of the ONEm for more information (only in French and Dutch)

UPDATE 01/04/2021 - 15:00h

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, many companies are no longer able to function normally.

Different situations may occur.

Companies which are not affected by a compulsory closure but who wish to obtain a deferral of payment from the ONSS on the basis of a declaration of honor, can do so on the ONSS site, but also via this form.

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The federal government is once again extending the flexible system for temporary unemployment due to corona, this time until 30 June 2021.

An employee who has been placed in quarantine may receive benefits under temporary unemployment due to corona force majeure.

For the rules applicable to employees returning from red zone areas, see our Infoflashes.

An employee who is absent from work to take care of his child who cannot attend his education or care institution because of a measure to limit the spread of the coronavirus may be entitled to temporary unemployment benefits for force majeure corona.

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